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Blackhawk's Sweet Revenge

Blackhawk's Sweet Revenge

Blackhawk's Sweet Revenge
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2018 год
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THE BRIDE'S DEMANDHe was the renegade, the outcast… and the object of her youthful affection. And when Native American Lucan Blackhawk triumphantly returned to his hometown, on a quest for revenge, Julianna Hadley readily agreed to his shocking proposal. Boldly she married the man who sought to destroy her father.For Julianna knew only her fierce and enduring love could tame her solitary groom. And as Lucas laid claim to her body and soul, vowing to accept nothing less than her ultimate surrender, his virgin bride resolved to win nothing less than all of Blackhawk's heart! A hidden passion, a hidden child, a hidden fortune. Revel in the unfolding of these powerful, passionate… SECRETS!

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781408991749