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Beyond the Great Mist

Beyond the Great Mist
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During long summer evenings under the Central Asian skies, my little sister in her insatiable curiosity demanded new tales. And when all the famous stories had already been told, it became clear that the time had come to create. Thus, the novel “The Great Mist” was born. This fantasy tells the story of love and hate, of passion and longing, of dreams and reality – all on the edges of consciousness and subconsciousness. Wonderful illustrations were made by a talented illustrator, Ksenia Tkach.

  • Foreword
  • Part I. Kiar and Amalu
  • Chapter 1. The Gray Kingdom
  • Chapter 2. The Magic Valley
  • Chapter 3. The Gifts to Norna
  • Part II. Udr
  • Chapter 1. The Fruits of the Sun
  • Chapter 2. Udr and his Brothers
  • Chapter 3. Beyond the Borders of the World
  • Part III. Astar, Amalu and Aslaug
  • Chapter 1. The Daughters of Norna
  • Chapter 2. The Land of Hills
  • Chapter 3. Udr and Norna