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The Last Galley. Impressions And Tales

The Last Galley. Impressions And Tales
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This volume collects a wide array of the author's short works of fiction, spanning virtually every literary genre. Detective stories are featured, but genres such as historical fiction, romance, and even nautical adventure are represented, as well. The Last Galley is an engrossing grab-bag of tales from the pen of one of the greatest nineteenth-century writers.

  • Preface
  • Part I. The Last Galley
  • The contest
  • Through the veil
  • An iconoclast
  • Giant Maximin
  • The coming of the Huns
  • The last of the legions
  • The first cargo
  • The home-coming
  • The red star
  • Part II. The silver mirror
  • The blighting of Sharkey
  • The marriage of the brigadier
  • The lord of Falconbridge
  • Out of the running
  • "De profundis"
  • The great brown-pericord motor
  • The terror of blue John Gap