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Fortune Finds Florist

Fortune Finds Florist

Fortune Finds Florist
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2018 год
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THE OLDER WOMANThe first time fortune found Sierra Carlton, she'd become a millionaire. The second time, Sam Jayce stood before her, a long, lean, young farmer hungry to make her flower ranch a reality. Trouble was, Sam made her hunger for more than success. But Sierra had let desire dictate once…and found herself a single mom.Well, wild horses couldn't spook Sam from her side…especially once they became lovers. But when word spread of the Puma Springs heiress and her studly partner mixing business with pleasure, Sam refused to let the scandal that dogged him dishonor Sierra. Only, Sierra didn't need defending. She needed Sam as their baby's daddy–and she needed his love.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472081117