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Desperately Seeking Daddy

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Desperately Seeking Daddy

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2018 год


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Fabulous FathersWANTED: HUSBAND TO RESCUE HARRIED MOMShe had quit high school to get married and raise a family. But Heller Moore's dreams didn't exactly come true. Divorced and working two jobs to keep up the payments on her trailer home, the single mom hardly had any time to spend with her kids.ENTER ONE DASHING BACHELORIn less than a month Jackson Tyler charmed her cynical children and told her no-good ex-husband to wise up. But though Heller was drawn to this Prince Charming, dare she trust in happily ever after?He's the FABULOUS FATHER of her kids' dreams–and the husband of hers!

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Год издания: 2018
ISBN (EAN): 9781472068651