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Seduction, Cowboy Style

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2018 год
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LOVE BORN OF VENGEANCE…Deck Stryker's opportunity to settle old scores came when his enemy's sister waltzed into town. Silver Jenssen's luminous eyes and lips begging for a taste test made seduction easy, for he wanted her with unparalleled intensity. Starting with mouthwatering caresses, he wouldn't stop until he'd exacted an eye for an eye. He hadn't counted on a heart for a heart instead….CAN BE THE STRONGEST OF ALLSilver vowed never to be swayed by sweet words and promises again. But the sexy cowboy's lean…hard…body and seductive persuasion overwhelmed her resolve. She tumbled into his arms…and discovered his betrayal. But that was before she found what could bind them forever, and offer redemption. She carried his child….

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781472037701