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Probability of Love

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Probability of Love

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2023 год


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О книге

Two messengers of the Higher Space Mission oracles Pinfar and Elia were sent to the distant planet Earth (Lilia) with a special task, which seems to them quite simple and easy. They just need to arouse a feeling of love in the Earth inhabitans . They love each other and therefore they have no doubt in success of their mission. However, it soon becomes clear that this mission requires a lot of patience and time. Yet, they have no time, since as they live their days on Earth (or planet Lilia) they forget about more and more things, even about who they are, turning into ... Who? This is the main mystery of the story, and it also gives hope that everything will work out.

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Дата написания: 
11 февраля 2023
Год издания: 
Дата поступления: 
19 февраля 2023
Время на чтение: 
1 ч.