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Nurse, Nanny...Bride!

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Nurse, Nanny…Bride!

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2018 год


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О книге

She’s happy as a nurse… But his little girl needs a nanny…and he needs a bride!Nurse Alice Palmer’s world is turned upside down by the new A&E consultant Andrew Barrett. Not just because he’s gorgeous, nor even because he forced her to leave London in disrepute. No, it’s because, despite everything, he’s the man she fell in love with – and she’s never recovered from her unrequited crush.The question is, what’s he doing in New Zealand? Why is his beautiful little daughter motherless? And how is Alice going to stop her frantic heart from beating so loudly he must be able to hear?And when Alice becomes part-time nanny to his little girl, it’s as if fate is dealing her the most remarkable hand of all…

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Год издания: 2018
ISBN (EAN): 9781408917961