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Royal Heir

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2018 год
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Securing his baby's future meant uncovering a royal past shrouded in mystery… Just days after he was falsely reported dead, Will Chastain watched in horror as his infant son, Leo, was kidnapped by an impostor. Moments too late, the real legal guardian, Julia Sheridan, appeared to claim the boy. Now a long-buried secret had Will trekking to a remote riot-torn town, a persistent Julia by his side.There, Leo could be in line for the throne…or in the crosshairs of an enemy's rifle. With an unknown rival gunning for them, Will vowed to protect Julia–and fought hard to keep his hands to himself. But all the king's men couldn't stop them from discovering a shattering royal truth within.

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9781408962565