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Star Over Bethlehem: Christmas Stories and Poems

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2018 год
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A reproduction in one unique volume of three of Agatha Christie’s rarest and most sought-after books – Star Over Bethlehem, The Road of Dreams and Poems.The most popular detective story writer of all time turns her hand to the subject of Christmas.In a manger in Bethlehem, an angel offers Mary a vision of things to come… and a chance to change it all.A naughty little donkey learns the meaning of love as he carries a very special mother and child safely to Egypt.Mrs Hargreaves wanted to like people, but didn't really know how. Then she reached out to touch a stranger, and her eyes were opened to love.Here, in this charming gift edition, Agatha Christie’s stories and poems capture the true meaning of Christmas.This special collector’s edition contains a wealth of Agatha Christie rarities – not only all the stories, poems and illustrations from her long out-of-print book Star Over Bethlehem (1965), but also a reproduction of all her rare poetry from the two collections The Road of Dreams (1924) and Poems (1973).

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Год издания: 2018

ISBN (EAN): 9780007423804